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Bolt from Boston for a Buck

Due to a million (or three) different projects that I have on the go today in my new freelancing gig, I have to keep this post brief. That said, I felt it was definitely necessary to exude my tremendous enthusiasm for Bolt Bus.  I’ve already expressed my love for the bus brand in a previous post about my New York City adventures, but this post is just a pitch for all you Boston (or NYC)-based folks that are looking for the cheapest, best option to get back and forth between the two East Coast hubs.

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With Bolt Bus, you not only get free wifi (even though, I must confess that the free wifi on my last Bolt experience was extremely spotty, so beware) but power outlets behind almost every aisle seat (feel free to harass the person next to you to plug-in if they are the lucky one with the outlet – they have double plug-ins) and plenty of leg room.  Plus, they probably offer the most no-hassle kind of travel experience out there.  With flying, you deal with all of the hassles of leaving enough time to get through the lines and lines of people queuing at the check-in counter, the TSA pat-downs at security, and the all-too-often frequent delays and cancellations.  Conversely, with Bolt Bus all you do is show up 20 minutes early and have your receipt ready for viewing, which is conveniently sent to you via text message on your phone.

New York City

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Provided the weather is decent, you avoid all of the hassles of flight ravel with Bolt Bus, and at a far cheaper cost.  The best deal Bolt offers  – and probably the reason why I’m writing this ‘ode to Bolt’ to begin with – are their $1 fares, which you can secure if you book far enough in advance and are flexible with the dates you are traveling (i.e. Thursday to Monday trips instead of Friday to Sunday).  I’ve now lucked out twice with $1 fares over the course of a month, and makes the journey to and from The Big Apple from Beantown the easiest trip possible.  So get on the Bolt bandwagon if you haven’t already and Bolt from Boston for a buck like I am this weekend.

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