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Birthday Bash

The weekend after our birthdays (since our bdays are just days apart) The Sister came to Chicago for a visit…and some fun!

Our weekend started with shopping (um, where are the good Chicago thrift stores…anyone??) and lunch out at Urban Vegan, for the lunch special (Miso Soup, Salad, Spring Rolls, and entree choice with rice):

And then we headed home to make lasagna and pumpkin pie for dessert!

Lasagna with tofu basil ricotta, one layer of spinach & diced tomatoes, and one layer of mushrooms & broccoli, topped with daiya. Yes, it was delicious!

Pumpkin Pie! Recipe for crust and pie filling from 1,000 Vegan Recipes (bday gift from The Sister).

Pie with SoyWhip! Which was really good, by the way.

Saturday I had to work and decided to take The Sister with me (along with my boss’ approval). The Sister and I got to bake cakes, biscuits, and have fun in the bakery!

The Sister ready to bake!

After work we headed down to the Nature Museum to explore. And explore we did…especially in the butterfly exhibit…or maybe the butterflies explored more:

Can you find the friendly butterfly on The Sister??

More pictures of butterflies is on my flickr account.

Sunday we ┬áslept in, made waffles, did more shopping, errands, then church, and dinner at Native Foods – Chili Cheeze Fries (nix the Native Cheese, add Cheddar), Gandhi Bowl, and the Mama Mia Pizza.

Monday was sad, for me, since that meant The Sister was headed back home (insert sad face). I’m so grateful for the weekend we had and miss The Sister loads now that she’s back home.

The BEST holidays

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