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Before I Kick The Bucket List

What do we do when we get to work to help us focus on the tasks that we want to accomplish that day? Yep, that’s right, we write a list. Why do we do this? We want to make sure that all the important shit (and some, ok maybe a lot, of shit that isn’t that important) gets done so we don’t lose focus in between checking Facebook or Instagram and chatting to our work wife about what we got up to over the weekend or about how EA Susan is a bit of a bitch.
So why is it such a weird thought to some (maybe most) that we apply the same logic of writing down a list of the experiences and adventures we want to take in this life? I whole-heartedly believe we all should write a list of shit we want to do in our lifetime- and I have! Below is my bucket-list, which will be updated with new adventures and experiences when they come up and when I complete an adventure or experience.
  1. Travel to German
  2. Travel to France
  3. Travel to Belgium
  4. Travel to Netherlands
  5. Travel to England
  6. Travel to Italy
  7. Travel to Spain
  8. Travel to Greece
  9. Learn to eat sushi with chopsticks
  10. Go to a jazz club
  11. Visit Bastogne
  12. Go on a WW2 battlefield trip
  13. See another shakespeare play
  14. Visit the Louvre
  15. Learn to snowboard
  16. Learn German
  17. Go travelling overseas with my family
  18. Run with the Bulls
  19. Throw tomatoes in Italy
  20. Perfect cooking Paella
  21. Camp out on the beach
  22. Visit the Collesium
  23. Sit in a natural spring
  24. Go to the ANZAC service at Gallipoli
  25. Get the courage to ride a horse
  26. Go to a music festival in another country with my twin sister
  27. Visit a buddha temple in China
  28. Drink hot chocolate in Belgium
  29. Visit Ireland
  30. Learn one of my nans recipes
  31. Smoke weed in the Netherlands
  32. Visit Dachau Concentration Camp
  33. Visit Auschwitz Concentration Camp
  34. Visit Normandy Beaches
  35. See the Eiffel Tower
  36. Fly in a helicopter
  37. Hike Mount Kosciuszko
  38. Hike a mountain in another country
  39. Visit New Zealand
  40. See Hobbiton and Middle Earth while Im in New Zealand
  41. Travel to Japan
  42. Participate in a traditional Geisha tea ceremony
  43. Visit a Samuari museum
  44. See Hiroshima
  45. Go to Pearl Harbour
  46. Visit Washington DC and see all the war museums
  47. Hike Flinders Rangers in South Australia
  48. Explore Flinders Chase National Park, SA
  49. Vist Lake Argyle, WA, Australia
  50. Explore all 3 caves in the Margaret River
  51. Visit Kangaroo Island
  52. Travel along the Great Ocean Road
  53. Explore Ayres Rocks
  54. See the Northern Lights
  55. Travel to Vietnam
  56. Travel to Berlin and explore all WW2 related sites
  57. Go to a German dance party
  58. Do a wine making course
  59. Explore Purnululu National Park in WA Australia
  60. Explore Grampians National Park
  61. Explore Cradle Mountain National Park, TAS, Australia
  62. Explore Springbrook National Park, Gold Coast, Australia
  63. Explore Cape Range National Park, WA, Australia
  64. Explore Freycinet National Park TAS, Australia
  65. Explore Myall Lakes National Park, NSW, Australia
  66. Explore the Scotch Trail in TAS, Australia
  67. Visit the Yarra Valley Wine Country, VIC, Australia
  68. See the penguins walk on the beach in Phillip Island, VIC, Australia
  69. Conquer the 6 foot track, Katoomba, NSW, Australia
  70. Travel to Fiji
  71. Snorkel on the island “Castaway” was filmed
  72. Try Kava
  73. Go cave swimming in Fiji

See something missing from my bucket list? Shoot me an email and let me know what I should add!

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