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A Frolick in the Fountains

Volksgarten View

After all the walking and cycling around the city, it’s time to slow down a bit and have a peaceful stroll by the fountains in the rose garden—take in the calming sound of trickling water, gaze at the meditative pink lilllies and marvel at the innocent playfulness of the ducklings cavorting as a brutish Triton lustilly abducts a shrieking sea nymph above.

Triton and Nymph with Hofburg

The Triton and Nymph fountain, in front of the Hofburg Palace

Triton and Nymph

Duck Dock

The Viennese do tend to the fountains' residents with the duck dock and ramp, apparently so our feathered friends don't have to stress out their flaps or feet by hopping on in, and mother duck can watch over her little flock.

Volksgarten FountainFountain DucksFountain Pond

The BEST holidays

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