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A doomed flight from Japan (Rousse)

This was my second trip to the far east in a fortnight and, once again, I was astonished at the rudeness of the local population. I’d barely arrived in Japan and already airport staff had launched an enquiry into the quantity of luggage that I intended to fly home. This was not the best of starts to the long-anticipated incentive holiday.

After a short fierce argument over two small pieces of hand luggage (that could be collapsed into one, if necessary) I was released and allowed to travel on to the hotel. There I joined TPR’s colleagues and their “significant others”. But where was TPR? Apparently he had been allocated accommodation elsewhere, doomed to the equivalent experience of this holiday in 1994 (“Rome from a coach”).

It was several days before TPR reached my hotel. On arrival he dumped two big boards that declared him a rowing champion, grabbed my wrist, charged past our pal DJ, and pulled me onto the plane parked next to the main hotel swimming pool. This was some escape! Unfortunately, since neither of us had any piloting experience, our trip was very short-lived. I couldn’t be certain, but it looked like we only flew from the hotel back to the airport, and how we even managed this I had no idea. Of course now we would be in much deeper trouble with the airport authorities – regardless of baggage allowances – and unless we came up with a very good explanation for our actions, TPR would almost certainly be sacked.

The BEST holidays

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