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22 Things

So this week on Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop (I’ve missed this), one of the writing prompts was to tell about 22 things that I HAVE done. So here they are, in no particular order.


1) Lived at the Grand Canyon.

2) Was a college cheerleader, at an actual university.

3) Worked in a butcher shop with my father and grandfather.

4) Did Polish dancing for almost 10 years.

5) Bought a house…with ALL my own money…in California. Okay, not the coast, but that will be my next purchase ;)

6) Traveled to Poland, and visited Auschwitz.

7) Traveled to Kyoto, Japan — during the Hanami

8 ) Have driven across country, a few times.

9) Bought a Hybrid, before it was cool.

10) Have received true, heart-melting, passionate love.

11) Have given true, heart-melting, passionate love. AND I’m not talking about sex, so get your minds out of the gutter!

12) Went to language school in Mexico.

13) Climbed through the ‘hatch’ in the ceiling, in the boys bathroom (the ones above the gym) at my high school, to hang out on the roof…just ‘cuz I could.

14) Quit smoking — over 15 years ago :)

15) Marched in a Peace Rally — a few times.

16) Learned to forgive those who wronged me.

17) Shed 20+ pounds this year — no crash diets, pills, or drinks either!

18) Realized my own self worth.

19) Have been a telemarketer — crappiest job I ever had!

20) Have been a maid (at a hotel), and a waitress — not at the same time.

21) Received the Crystal Apple Award — it’s a teacher thang in my area.

22) Finally found my passion — writing.

The BEST holidays

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