Today I love you because…

… you held me in your arms all night. I felt wrapped in your protective cocoon. I feel safe with you.

… you shared with me your tips to cut panettone or cheese, depending on their shape. and for whoever reads, if the cheese is round, cut it in triangles

… as always, our walks in the forest are very stimulating. I grow every time I speak to you.

…you’re entertaining. Kids want to be around you. You know how to play, but also how to explain play.

… you brought me coffee from Japan. And a Panda calendar for my office. And THE egg – calendar for home. I look forward to using it in 2018.



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Australia Day 1

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what “regularly scheduled programming” means for BTL.  In the meantime, this trip to Australia prompted me to dust off my camera and lenses and get back to taking some non-phone pictures.  After a quick hunt to find a compatible SD card (apparently a 128 GB SDHC is too much for the Nikon D40), I was off to the races.


Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney Opera House

After walking around the harbour, we ended up in the Royal Botanical Gardens where we stumbled across a lady feeding the wild birds (“That’s you in 20 years,” my friend predicted).  I of course was all over getting some feed and letting them perch all over me.DSC_0046


The gardens were full of birds and I quite enjoyed this trio sitting on a bridge.  My friend christened them, “The Evil Doctor Birds” because apparently they look like some old-timey pictures of doctors wearing masks with beaks.


There were a lot of incredible trees in the garden with interesting tree trunks.



Playing with perspective

After the walk through the gardens, we ended up back at a bar, where this seagull started demanding french fries.  Learn some manners, man.


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The “Vehicles You’ve Owned/Modes of Transportation” List

Tis the season for snowy roadways and scary, winter driving. This is the biggest reason why I hate Minnesota winters. I am a nervous driver anyway, but ice and snow and wind and below zero temperatures make it that much worse, especially when I have a work commute of 50 or so miles toSuperior during the week. From getting snow tires on my current car to having to jump-start and repair my sister’s car, I feel like I’ve been in to our local auto repair shop more times in the past couple weeks than ever before.

In honor of this lovely time, I’ve decided this third list is going to be the vehicles I’ve owned since getting my license almost 7 years ago now (Holy moly). I feel like this is a fun list to look back on andalso add to over the years. You never really forget your first car, and usually have many fun memories that are tied to other ones that you have had at different stages in your life.

My first car wasa 1995 (same year I was born) maroon-ish colored Pontiac Grand Am. I believe we bought it for around $750 :) It only lasted me about the length of the first summer I had my license, but man was I proud of it. My second car was a 2005 blue Mercury Montego that came from my uncle that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED. Seriously, I had that car for the rest of my high school years and into college as well. It was extremely roomy, had a cool analog clock on the dashboard, and could hold 6 cds. No new cars even have CD players anymore and it makes me so sad. It was so roomy too. All of the passengers in that car complimented how big it was in the back seat. I always felt safe driving it in the winter too with how heavy and sturdy it was.

But, time passed and I hit the 230,000 mile mark and decided I would need to find a new car if I was going to be driving back and forth from home and school and work all the time, and across the country to North Carolina for the summer too. My youngest sister Laura ended up with it and I was so sad to give it up. Thankfully it’s still running!

IMG_6224I now have a light blue 2012 Chevy Cruze which I also have grown to love. It only has one cd holder and is significantly smaller and lighter, but I have learned to appreciate a Chevrolet! The ice blue color is so pretty and is an unimportant detail that sold me :)

IMG_6219So, take a trip down memory lane and think about all of your past cars and all those road trips with the music blasting and the wind in your hair… Or the ones who have gotten you through some dangerous snow storms. Either way, we spend a lot of time in our cars and should realize how important they are in our every day lives.

A few other lists you can make related to this category are a list of “Other Types of Vehicles/Machinery I’ve Owned” or “Modes of Transportation I’ve Taken”. These could be fun too.

Vehicles I’ve Owned

  1. 1995 Pontiac Grand Am
  2. 2005 Mercury Montego
  3. 2012 Chevy Cruze

Modes of Transportation I’ve Used

  1. Car/SUV
  2. Pickup Truck
  3. Limosine
  4. Fishing/Speedboat
  5. Pontoon
  6. Jet Ski
  7. Airplane
  8. Four-Wheeler
  9. Ranger (ATV)
  10. Train
  11. Subway
  12. School/City Bus/Double Decker Bus
  13. Helicopter
  14. Bike
  15. Scooter
  16. Golf Cart
  17. On Foot
  18. Ferry
  19. Tram
  20. Lightrail
  21. Dirt bike
  22. Canoe
  23. Kayak
  24. Chair Lift Gondola
  25. Roller-blading
  26. Snowmobiling
  27. Roller coaster (Does this count?)

I few I hope to add to this list before I die is a Cruise Ship, hot air balloon, and a gondola boat ride.

No matter how you get to your next destination whether it be down the road, in the air, or across an ocean…. Safe travels!

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